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I have been a music writer for many years. Most recently I was a writer for the Live Nation Property Insomniac which holds some of the largest electronic music festivals in the country. Before that, I was the music editor for BPM Magazine/,  a writer for local San Diego club mag Where@ in the late 90s, and I was a feature writer and music reviewer for RE:UP magazine in the early 2000s. Re-Up Magazine Issue 12 Digital Booklet (feature on Carlos Niño on page 30  and a music review for Zero DB on page 90.)

Writing portfolio: (view or download PDF)

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Does Your Mama Know for Insomniac

L.A. Nightlife Gone: Does Your Mama Know? 1992–2003

This is a feature I wrote about the legendary LA after-hours club Does Your Mama Know. Read all about how Missy Eliott grabbed my crotch in the booth while I was playing there. There are also stories of Grace Jones and the scandalous local LA news trying to get in.

Music Reviews

I was an editor for a community publishing company. We produced newspapers and magazines that were mailed to different zip codes in San Diego County.


Here are some samples.